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Aug 31, 2010

Welcome back to the Film Buffs podcast with your host, Paul Harris... Thomas Caldwell gives the lowdown on The Other Film Festival and reviews Everlasting Moments; Nick Matteo reviews the new HBO drama, How To Make It In America (8.30pm Tuesday, Showcase), along with local dramas Offspring (8.30pm Sunday, Ten)...

Aug 31, 2010

This week Dr Shane, Dr Adam, Dr Krystal and Dr Jenny talk about a new type of chlorophyll, the tricks of tobacco plants, discovering meteor sites via Google Earth and growing your own cornea implants. Dr Sam Oakes from the Stem Cell and Cancer Division at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute discusses the beginnings of...

Aug 30, 2010

Interviews from the Affirmative Architecture syposium

Takaharu Tezuka - Tezuka Architects

Deborah Saunt & David Hills -DSDHA



X-Field exhibition, forty-five downstairs gallery


Aug 27, 2010

This week on the Breakfasters George Megalogenis explains the post-election political landscape. On Touch my History Di Gardiner, manager of the Old Treasury Building, explains the legacy of Charles La Trobe. Journalist Stephen Mayne points the finger in the aftermath of Saturday's vote. Henry Wagons eclipses The Trial...

Aug 25, 2010

Byte Into It discussing NBN, social networking security, wireframing tools, PlayStation 3, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Web Directions South, and lots of games.

Presented by Keren Flavell and Mike Bantick.