Byte Into It - 30 June 2010

Byte Into It talking about green technology, iPhone reception issues, green technology, Cisco's Android tablet, Twitpic at war with Posterous, and Posterous launching fifteen importers in fifteen days. Also camera surveillance and technology with Wai King Wong from AXIS Communications

Presented by ​Phil Wales and Ed Borland.

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Byte Into It - 23 June 2010

Byte Into It talking about the NBN deal with Telstra, iOS4, iPhone4, galaxy s, Wordpress, browser extensions syncing, and E3.

​Presented by Phil Wales,  Sarah Stokely, Ed Borland, and Mike Bantick.

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This week Bron, Angeline, Dr Beach and John present the Community Cup edition of Radio Marinara. In International News the crew take a look at the latest from the International Whaling Commission meeting in Morocco and an update on Oil-mageddon in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr Surf phones in his surf report. Life's a Beach brings us up to speed on 'Sniffing Sharks' and Neil Blake is into to chat about his Port Philip Bay watch!!
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Interview with AIA Gold Medal winners for 2010 Kerry and Lindsay Clare,


Simon Knott returns from up north

big croc hotel

Paronella Park

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This week the Radiotherapy team offers insights into health and health politics. Guest Dr Richard Di Natale discusses the Greens' approach to health policy, and the doctors present the diagnostic criteria for hubris syndrome.
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In this installment Doolittle introduces the panel, Deep Thought discusses the resignation of John Mendoza, the National Advisor to the Federal Government on mental health, Malice introduces a book by Ethan Waters that discusses the concept of the USA exporting its mental illness psyche to the world.  Also the panel chats with Dr Ruth Vine, the Chief Psychiatrist for Victoria about her role and finally they introduce a new segment - Good Call/Bad Call.
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This week on the Breakfasters film-reviewer Thomas Caldwell took a look at Toy Story 3. There was a ring-in where Tim proposed a new film festival for Melbourne - and the listeners were eager to assist. Suzie cooked up some beef short-ribs on Diet Schmiet. Martin Hughes was in for Touch my History where the dying sport of Trugo was explained, and finally Henry Wagons eclipsed the art of infamous auteur Tim Burton.
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1 - Non-Arts Diary
2 - Here's Looking At You
3 - T-Bone
4 - Elevator Confessions
5 - The Times Tables, Mate
6 - Lime Champions Adult Movies
7 - Radio Thrice R
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Hello!! The musical guests we have for you this week are:
Nick Tsiavos - Delivery
Karen Elson - Transference
3 Month Sunset - Local And/Or General

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Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Chromo and Jennifer on the phone from New York discuss a mix of gene therapy with stem cell therapy for controlling the AIDS virus, scientific misconduct, NASA Ares rockets, the science of Dr Who, autopsies in New York and how sharks follow their prey. 

For more information visit:

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