Breakfasters: Best Bits 29 June 2007 This week there's animation, there's Avril Lavigne, there's fatherhood and there's Sam and Fee singing...listen out for that one!

Nicholas Staurt talks about his new book, 'Kevin Rudd: An Unauthorised Political Biography', you'll meet Dean of Art and Film for Pixar University, Elyse Klaidman plus hear from Dr, Cas - back for one show only!
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Byte Into It, 27 June 07, IT & new tech

This week hosted by Phil Wales with Mike Bantick (Gaming). 

As always the boys entertain with discussions on all things IT and new tech including: is a website focusing on live music recordings and exposing Australian musicians to the world offer an instant duplication service to local and touring bands to record their gig live and have it available to sell immediately after the show.

Digg - Roundup: Apple iPhone Reviews - the embargo is no more. Check back for updates as reviews flood the Interwebs

Internet Radio "Day of Silence" hushes thousands of stations

26 June 2007 means that it's the Internet radio Day of Silence. The Day of Silence was organized to protest against retroactive royalty rate increases that could cripple many Internet radio stations. The rates go into effect in less than a month, and with no significant help from Congress in sight, Internet broadcasters are resorting to silence to demonstrate what will happen if the proposed increases go into effect.

Digg - Five resources to create a Wii media center

Cruise over to our blog to get five applications and websites needed to create your own Wii media center...

And there was much more, so for full details and links that were referenced,  the Byte Into Blog site at will get you sorted, or subscribe to the blog feed to have topics and links delivered to your door!

Byte Into It broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Wednesdays at 7pm AEST on 3RRR (102.7fm).  To Stream or to find out more, go to

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The Architects - Show 114 - Cox Architects Patrick Ness, John Gardner and Phil from Cox Architects

The new rectangular stadium:

Melbourne Design Festival events:
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Einstein A Go Go Podcast: Jun 24th 2007 Claims of controlling carbon dioxide emissions by dumping iron particles in the ocean, how birth order affects IQ and why laughter is the 'breast' medicine. We talked to Mr Paul Gottlieb of CTO Intellection about his Clunies Ross award for developing a technique to determine mineral composition in plant and ore samples. Plus, nature versus nurture or nature via nurture, and fear and ADHD.

For more information visit

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In this weeks show we take a first look at the proposed desalination plant for Victoria, the Japanese Sub's of Sydney Harbour, and go back to the year 2000 and talk to Dick Ziggin - the unelected Mayor of Coney Island, New York
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Breakfasters: Best Bits 22 June 2007 This week Fee, Tony and Sam chat to The Ox from the Espy Rock Dogs in the lead up to Sunday's Community Cup, catch up with a drummer who ran away with the circus and Fee lets the boys try her job...with some (how can I put this?)...interesting results!
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Byte Into It, 20 June 07, IT & new tech This week hosted by Phil Wales with Ed Borland (Linux) and Byron Scullin (Mac). Items reviewed by the guys include:

To Live: Virtualize AND dual-boot the same Windows on your Mac - Lifehacker

iTunes Sync transfers your iTunes library to other MP3 players - Lifehacker

Widgets: From Dashboard to Desktop | MacApper

Calendar: The best Google Calendars for geeks - Lifehacker

Exclusive Lifehacker Download: Better Gmail version 0.8 now available - Lifehacker

For full details on the shows highlights check out our blog at or subscribe to the blog feed to have topics and links delivered to your door!

Byte Into It broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Wednesdays at 7pm AEST on 3RRR (102.7fm).  To Stream or to find out more, go to

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The Architects - Show 113 - Andrew Walker Morrison and Chris Taylor Andrew Walker Morrison and Chris Taylor on sustainable materials
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This week we covered, Marine attack of the Month - The brainless, bonless jellyfish, the finding of a new wreck of the coast of Victoria.  For more information on the news stories on:

Blue Pages Directory

Until June 30


For Information on MDC School Holiday Program, phone (03)5258 3344

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Einstein A Go Go Podcast: Jun 17th 2007 Supersonic scramjet testing Down Under, how animals (and even plants) are able to recognise family members, a robot designed to rescue wounded soldiers stranded in a war zone, and the latest from space shuttle Atlantis and its journey to the International Space Station.  Plus we met Professor Arthur Lowery, Professor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University and a 2007 Clunies Ross Award winner for his contributions to photonics.

For more information visit
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