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Sep 18, 2018

Alex Edney-Browne, PhD Candidate in International Relations at the University of Melbourne, discussed with Amy military drones and their effects on the civilian populations they surveil and attack in war zones and beyond, as well as the effects on drone operators. Alex went to Afghanistan and the US to hear about it firsthand. Nic Maclellan, Correspondent for Islands Business Magazine was at the Pacific Islands Forum 2018 in Nauru speaking with and interviewing leaders of the island nations. He shared with Amy what you don’t often hear in the Australian media's reporting of this forum – the perspective of the Pacific island nations – on Australia and our (inadequate) policies on climate change and a range of other economic, environmental, and social issues. American artist, university lecturer, and co-founder of The Centre for Artistic Activism, Steve Lambert, talked about his thought-provoking and interactive public installation touring Melbourne’s CBD, ‘Capitalism Works For Me! True/False’, which is showing through the Melbourne Fringe Festival. And regular guest Ben Eltham spoke about the latest in federal politics.