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Mar 3, 2015

Michelle is joined in the studio by Ben Eltham of New Matilda to speak about the McClure Report – a review of the social welfare system in Australia.  They discuss the report’s recommendations and the anti-welfare rhetoric that exists within the current Federal government.

Simran Sethi, journalist, educator and author of the book ‘Bread, Wine, Chocolate: the Slow Loss of Foods We Love ‘speaks to Michelle about her new book, which discusses the serious implications of the loss of agro-biodiversity in our food systems.

Regular guest Sophie Black, Editor in Chief at Private Media, discusses the passing of the new data retention Bill in Parliament, and focuses on what the new laws mean for journalists.

And finally Michelle chats to Amy Grey, who is giving the 2015 International Women’s Day address on March 5th at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. They discuss the idea of reclaiming cyberspace for women.