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Aug 5, 2015

Regular Spoke guest Ben Eltham from New Matilda gives us the weekly political roundup.

This week he explains the resignation of Bronwyn Bishop and the rules around travel claims for politicians and how it’s been a political setback for Tony Abbott’s government.

Ben also explains Tony Abbott’s involvement on Aboriginal issues and policy and the booing issue of Adam Goodes.

Malthouse homeless project “A Social Service” co-creator and performer David Woods chats to Michelle about the new satirical theatre project that delves into issues surrounding the public housing system.

Sophie Black, regular media commentator visits Michelle (in person!) and chats about Cecil the Lion being shot in Zimbabwe by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, who said he regretted his actions. This sent social media into a frenzy over game hunting.


Rowena Allen, Victoria’s first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner explains what’s involved in her role; how discrimination of gay and lesbians still exists and how awareness and training is imperative to counteract preconceived discrimination.