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Aug 26, 2015

Ben Eltham from New Matilda gives the lowdown on current and topical politics news. This week he explains the tax cuts being proposed by the government and how tax thresholds and bracket creep works.

Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria pops in to chat about the proposal by the government to remove the rights of activists and environmental organisations to challenge developments under Federal law.

Michael Green and Donna from Behind the Wire pop in to chat about the new website which is run by volunteers and documents what it’s like behind the fence as an asylum seeker.

Sophie Black pops into the studio and tells us about the Mark Latham issue which unfolded at the Writer’s Festival, where Latham launched into an avalanche of personal attacks and abuse at various people in the audience and at Jonathan Green. This event unfolded on the Twittersphere.


To end the Spoke podcast for this week, Marika Sosnowski, Middle East analyst chats about the situation in Turkey and Syria.