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Sep 7, 2015

On Spoke this week Ben Eltham, from New Matilda gives us the lowdown on local and national political news, particularly the tough stance the government has taken on asylum seeker policy.

Rochelle Courtney, from Share the Dignity, shares her story about providing a service to homeless people and distributing sanitary items to women in need.

Myriam Robin, Crikey correspondent, chats to Michelle about the controversy around the documentary ‘Gayby Baby’ and the conservative media’s reaction to the film. She also explains why student publications are not as ‘radical’ as they once were.

To close this week’s podcast, Elaine Pearson, from the Human Rights Law Centre and Danielle Webb, joined Michelle at the recent seminar, ‘Inside Australia’s Pacific non-solution’ where they answered a number of questions regarding the secrecy around the Manus Island situation.