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Mar 20, 2015

On todays show Richard had a chat to Sean and Seamus from the Lords of Strut performance ‘Chaos’, he also had a chat to curators Juliette Hansen and Nilgun Goven about the exhibition ‘Gelibolu: A Turkish-Australian Perspective on Gallipoli’. He also had a chat to Shelley Lasica about the Dance Massive performance ‘Solos For Other People’. He also spoke to high-school students Ashleigh Newman (Mt Erin Secondary College) and Bonnie-Jane Mantz (Mullauna Secondary Scollege) about ‘StArt Up: Top Arts 2015’. He also had a chat to Maika Isogawa and Paul Matthew Lopez from the Spiegleworld production ‘Absinthe’ and finally he had a chat to film director Dean Francis about the Melbourne Queer Film Festival production ‘Drown’.


To find out more information on todays guests please follow the links provided below (in order of appearance):


Chaos –


Solos For Other People –


StArtUp: Top Arts 2015 –


Absinthe –


Drown -