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Mar 19, 2015

On todays show Richard had a chat to artist David Porteus about his exhibition ‘I’m Here: Selfscapes of Solitude’. He also had a hat to Director Kate Champion and Artistic Associate Kelli Jean Drinkwater about Force Majeure’s ‘Nothing to Lose’, he also spoke to St Martins Artistic Director Clare Watson about the performance ‘Fitter. Better. Faster', he also spoke to Jess Rizzini about the exhibition ‘To Exist is to Resist’, he also spoke to Merrilee McCoy who is the organisiner of 'Funy Babe Fest', and finally he spoke to Lucy Guerin about the dance production ‘Motion Picture’ and Ibrahim Mustafa about Chapel off Chapel’s 20th birthday celebrations. 


To find our more information about any of the interviews on todays show you can explore each of the listed websites (in order of appearance): 


 ‘I’m Here: Selfscapes of Solitude’ -

 ‘Nothing to Lose’ -

‘Fitter. Better. Faster' -
'Funy Babe Fest' -

‘Motion Picture’ -
Chapel of Chapel -