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Mar 3, 2017

Bernard Caleo joins Richard this week for Drawn Out, the monthly comics review segment. He introduces us to Resist!, a womens' cartooning collection in response to the election of Donald Trump, The Banksia Project, a local comic mentoring initiative for minority creators, and Naming Monsters, an eerie and haunting comic which is part of the growing graphic medicine movement.

Political Acts: Pioneers of Performance Art in Southeast Asia is an Arts Centre exhibition curated by Steven Tonkin. Steven talks about the process of curating the documentation of live performance for exhibition and issues surrounding political content in art. Political Acts is showing as part of AsiaTOPA.

Finally Sarah Goodes and Ursula Mills, from MTC's production of Annie Baker's John, are in studio to discuss the show's writing style, feel and story. John is a present-day ghost story which juxtaposes the supernatural and the real, as a young couple visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania amidst the collapse of their relationship.