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Feb 10, 2017

Richard speaks to the cast of a brand new Australian production, Lifetime Guarantee. Charles Purcell, Julian Dibley-Hall and Izabella Lena star in this satirical, modern-day comedy, written by Ross Mueller and directed by John Sheedy, dealing with issues of modern-day property development and our relationship to objects. Lifetime Guarantee is showing at Theatre Works in St Kilda from 9th - 26th of February.

On the other end of the theatre spectrum, Humphrey Bower has developed a new, solo adaptation of Homer's The Iliad, as part of Stork Theatre's Melbourne Homer Fest. The Rage of Achilles turns the focus to human tragedy within war, stripping back Homer's epic poem to the story of Achilles. Richard and Humphrey discuss questions of male rage, our attraction to war and the relevance of this ancient piece of literature to modern times. The Rage of Achilles is showing at La Mama Theatre from the 7th - 19th February.

Richard's final guest, Penny Byrne, is a sculptor and visual artist working with ceramics, among other things. Her upcoming exhibition, Brutal, uses reworked porcelain figurines to create new sculptures, dealing with contemporary global humanitarian issues. The result is confronting yet familiar, with a sombre political commentary. Brutal is running at Linden New Art in St Kilda until the 8th of March.