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Feb 3, 2017

Continuing Richard's exploration of the current Midsumma Festival program, this week's podcast features an interview with Tom Halls and Yvonne Virsik, whose production Sad Digger Mad Mary is showing at La Mama Theatre in Carlton. Sad Digger Mad Mary is a one-person show, presenting a man struggling with his return to society from the war, and the unlikely visitor who guides him out of his hermitude.
Richard is also joined by the Director of the biennial Castlemaine State Festival, Martin Papen, discussing the significance of place and environment to Martin's final festival as Director.
Wrapping up the podcast are performance artists Luke George and Daniel Kok, whose intriguingly titled show Bunny is a part of the much-hyped Asia TOPA festival. The 2-hour performance piece is described as "safe, sane and consensual", and this segment may leave you hanging out to see Bunny.