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Oct 15, 2013

“What is nice about [Disarm] is that it’s turning an agent of death into an agent of life” Pedro Reyes

Since December 2006, more than 60,000 people have been killed in Mexico’s Drug War and Mexican visual artist Pedro Reyes believes that the weapon industry should be held to account. In his remarkable project Disarm, Pedro transforms thousands of weapons seized from the drug cartels into functional musical instruments which will be exhibited and played during the Melbourne Festival. Unlike guns which wreak death and suffering around the world, Pedro’s instruments bring people together through the shared experience of music.

On our fourth special Melbourne Festival edition of Right Now Radio, Anna Dorevitch speaks to Pedro about the challenge of changing gun culture and his vision for a world that communicates rather than kills. We also catch up with Ev Tadros who's been madly seeing as many Melbourne Festival shows as possible for her reviews, top picks and recommendations.

Disarm is showing from 12 – 27 Oct, 10am – 5pm (closed Tuesdays) at NGV International, Federation Court as part of the Melbourne Festival.

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