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Mar 5, 2016

On the March edition of Right Now Radio, we invite two special guests - Jess Richter, from the RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice and Christina Ryan, CEO of Advocacy for Inclusion - to talk to us about their advocacy projects which is all about seeking justice and inclusion for those with a disability.   

With 40% of men and 30% of women in Victorian prisons having an acquired brain injury (ABI), Jess, the ABI Project Coordinator, speaks to us in depth about the Enabling Justice Project which is looking at innovative ways to address the overrepresentation of people with ABI in the criminal justice system, in particular by having people with ABI and direct experience of the criminal justice centre front and centre of the discussion.  

And in honour of International Women's Day, Christina chats to us about the intersectionality of disability and gender and the unique challenges that face women with a disability.  In addition, we hear about the Advocacy for Inclusion's new campaign to change and disrupt the way in which disability is talked about and perceived with the new hashtag #disabilityDISRUPT

So get disrupting and tune in!