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Oct 25, 2015

So what is this?! Dr Shane from Einstein A-Go-Go and Bron from Radio Marinara are in the studio and taken over Radiotherapy! Oh No! Malice has joined them for this program however so it all isn't a horrific wacky takeover that you would expect - there are still medical happenings to discuss!

Bron looks at the Bends, which funnily enough isn't actually a Radiohead album. The hosts also talk about the recent issue of the Royal Children's Hospital who refused to release an asylum seeker into detention and Stairway Foundation founder Lars Jorgensen comes in to also talk about the issues at the hospital as well as the subject of child exploitation in the Philippines. Greg Foot-Connolly also comes in to talk about Scuba For Change, which is a program that attempts to teach first-aid in under-developed communities. Malice somehow gets a segment in as well where he talks about what makes people cry. 

This episode is hosted by the team of Dr Shane from Einstein A Go-Go, Bron from Radio Marinara & Malice.