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Mar 28, 2010

We're flexing our mussels, and having a larf!  

John and Hilary examine the innies and outies of the mussel industry - how do we get mussels? Where do they grow? How old are they when we eat them? Is the industry sustainable? Can you overcook them? Can you undercook them? And how should we eat them?  

Plus, live on air, we taste-test the stout made with real mussels - Mussel Stout, from the Bellarine Brewing Company. Yep, we'll be drinking stout at 9am on a Sunday morning. Proving there really is a first time for everything.  

Andrew Kidman joins us on the phone from Apollo Bay to talk about his series of surf flicks called Last Hope - 16 Original short films inspired by the sea.  

And with the kick-off of the 2010 International Comedy Festival in Melbourne this week, The Polar Bearings join us live in the studio to talk about their maritime musical adventure that circumnavigates the globe, laden with sweet harmonies, oarsome gags and physical comedy. Luckily, they have life jackets. And they might even lure us in with a sirenesque song or too. 

Bron, John, Hils, and team RM.