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Feb 28, 2010

We are beachy keen, Bellarine! It is the inaugural Bellarine Beach Party at Fed Square ñ an event to promote the greatness that is the Bellarine Peninsula.

Did you hear the one about the mussel that walked into a bar? Neither did we, until we found out about ëMussel Stoutí, a specialist brew produced by the Bellarine Brewing Company. And yes, it involves the use of real bivalves. Sounds weird? Scary? Improbable? We reckon all 3. Peter Kenny from the Bellarine Brewing Company joins us to give us the juice (eew).

Bryon Marshall is a Dive Instructor and Facilities Manager at Dive Victoria ñ he joins us to talk about the great diving on offer on the Bellarine side of Port Phillip Bay, and particularly the HMAS Canberra.   Plus the latest and greatest in local, national and international marine news.  

Bron, Dave, and Team RM.