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Nov 28, 2010

This week we have a Tails from the fish n chip shop special. We wonder why it’s so hard to get sustainable choices at your local chippy and a few secrets behind what you might actually be buying. Wait for the good news though – there are fish n chips shops that specialise in sustainable seafood! We have Ray Good in the studio to discuss the what inspired him to start up his  Hooked fish n chip shops on Chapel St Windsor and Brunswick St Nth Fitzroy that focus on sustainable choices. We quiz Ray and our local Marinara foodie Hilary McNevin about cooking fish n chips at home, and a few hairy questions about what goes into some of the less savoury treats like crab sticks.

We start off however with John talking about Frankenfish - genetically modified salmon that could soon be on your plate - and some wacky news about sunburnt whales and crabs in vending machines. We also have some good news from Leo about the Bastion Point development in Malacoota as fallout from the state election.

So join us for laughs and lots of briny informative fun.

John, Bron , Hilary and the Radio Marinara Team