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Aug 30, 2015

A recent paper in The American Naturalist suggests that some species of fish raise their young close to other parents and their young as an evolutionary strategy to maximise the chances of survival. Associate Professor Bob Wong from Monash University’s School of Biological Sciences joins us to talk about his team's great piece of local research into fish parental behaviour.

Then we’ll speak with Sean Doherty about his new book MP Untold. In 2004 Sean Doherty wrote a bestselling biography of Michael Peterson that laid his incredible story bare. Over the years that followed and especially after Michael’s death in 2012, hundreds of people – family, friends, surf stars and complete strangers – contacted Doherty with stories never before shared. Stories that spoke of the man, not the legend. Stories of Michael, not MP.

Steffan Howe, PV's Marine Parks Research Manager joins us to talk about last week's release of  some astounding footage shot by remote controlled robots in the deep waters around Wilson’s Promontory.  

Also details of the Disabled Surfers Association's fundraiser auctioning AFL club painted surfboards signed by players.