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Aug 14, 2016

This weekend, marine protection volunteers across the state are gathering in Warrnambool for the third Sharing the Love forum. Friends of Merri Marine Sanctuary and Parks Victoria are hosting the event, which celebrates and supports community involvement in Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries. We'll catch up with convenor Louise Arthur, Parks Victora's Mark Rodrigue and Steffan Howe, and some of the wonderful people who go above and beyond to make sure we all have marine ecosystems protected and monitored into the future.

And in two weeks' time, coastal managers from around the country will be flocking to Melbourne to talk about the coasts around Australia, and some of the big issues in making sure they're managed properly. Rob Gell, friend of Marinara and Victorian Coastal Councillor joins us along with Conference Dinner special guest speaker Mick Sowry, to talk about the conference itself, and the special role of the arts in bringing the personal connection with the oceans to us all.