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Sep 9, 2012

Leo op den Brouw joins us live from Gabo Island to bring us the latest from Bastion Point - things are brewing....

Dr Beach joins us live from the wilds of Wilson's Prom to talk about the latest developments with the Northern Pacific Seastar invasion, and some perspective on the current hot topic - the MV Magiris (aka Supertrawler).

Cass fills us in on the outcomes of the clearance of the Clarence (what's the vector Victor?), including an update on the in situ preservation and monitoring component that will be continuing for the next few years.

John Black from East Gippsland is one of Australia’s early underwater explorers. He began his career in abalone diving in 1951 and became involved in the new and developing sport of scuba diving in the 1960s.  In 2008 Heritage Victoria interviewed him for an oral histories project and recordings of the interviews have recently been uploaded to Culture Victoria’s website. This week we’ll be giving you a taster of some of these interviews.

Plus buckets of news, including reports from a rally in Sydney about troubles in the nation's West. 

Catch you Sunday, 

Bron, Cass, Dr Beach and all aboard the good ship Marinara.