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Sep 3, 2017

Dr Beach and Anth are in with a shirt load of marine news Sunday at 9AM. Anth has been looking in something the Einstieners pointed us to about the Shark Netting trials in northern NSW. Dr Beach has been looking at new marine science.
Dr Alex Rattray from Deakin University will be in to tell us about the Victorian Marine Habitat Mapping project, an online portal which will bring together data on Victoria’s seafloor and coastal ecosystems.
And Don Love joins us from down Gippie way to talk about the latest in the wins for the "Friends of Beware Reef" who on Friday in front of the Govenor won the Victorian Landcare award in the Coastcare category for excellence in marine and coastal activities. Don will represent all the friends and we are lucky to get him as they are often under the water!