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Feb 23, 2017

This week Elizabeth and Lou are joined by new adult, queer-fiction author Alison Evans. Alison's first Australian-published novel, IDA, is about a young woman, fresh out of high school, with an extraordinary ability. Alison discusses themes of indecision and purpose as a young person, and their experience publishing internationally and with Echo Publishing.

Cybec Electric, as part of AsiaTOPA, is a series of play readings by young Asian-Australian writers. MTC Literary Director & Cybec curator Chris Mead and Cybec writer Jean Tong talk theatre in contemporary Melbourne, multi-lingual plays and the contribution to new works that play readings provide.

Bigoa Chuol is this week's resident spoken-word poet, and is joined also by Afro Hub founder Saba Alemayoh to talk poetry and African-Australian art in the Melbourne community. They discuss issues of diversity and identity as African-Australians and Afro Hub as the meeting place of the huge range of art from across the countries of Africa in Melbourne.