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May 9, 2017

We speak with Chido Govera, a 31 year old Zimbabwean farmer, activist, educator and founder of The Future of Hope Foundation, a group that is committed to ending poverty, abuse and victimhood at grassroots level in Africa through food security.

Chido’s background is one of the toughest childhoods imaginable, one that saw her orphaned at the age of 7, with her remaining relatives offering more abuse than support, while she was responsible for feeding and caring for her very elderly grandmother, and her malnourished younger brother.  Her long road out of this situation came via the unlikely path of mushroom cultivation, and she now teaches thousands of people across the world – and in particular other vulnerable young women in Zimbabwe – how to grow mushrooms, as a way of gaining some autonomy in their lives.

Later we talk about growing mushrooms at home with keen mushroom grower, forager and educator Nick Ritar of Milkwood.