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Apr 20, 2016

Film Buff's Forecast with Paul Harris, Sophie on the panel and Lucy & Amanda on the phones.

Part 2 of our interview with Australian writer and producer Lyndall Hobbs. Her autobiography A Girl From Oz is available now. Join us next week for part 3 of Paul's chat with Lyndall.

Writer and actor Damian Hill swung by to talk about his film Pawno, about a day in the life of a pawn shop in Footscray. Pawno is currently screening at the Cameo, Lido and Classic cinemas.

Max Cullen joined us on the phone to talk about his new play Dead Men Talking, which sees Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson catching up at the Leviticus Bar & Grill in Heaven's Gate. See the Dead Men Talking website for details of where the show is touring.

Podcast uploaded by Bessie Byrne