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Aug 15, 2016

Director of the new Cine Latino Film Festival, the first national film festival dedicated to exploring Latim American cinema.  The festival starts on 17 August and screens at the Palace Cinemas.

Regular reviewer Nick Matteo has been to the Indian Film Festival to see a couple of films:Ottaal, a re-telling of Anton Chekov's short story Vanka and For The Love Of A Man, about Rajinikanth, a man literally worshipped as a deity by people across Tamil Nadu.

Paul Byrne reviewed the new DC Comics production Suicide Squad and

Gary Hillberg came in to talk about the blu-ray re-issues of the 1966 Joseph Losey filmModesty Blaise starring Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp and Dirk Bogarde and the 1964 Giallo slasher film Blood and Black Lace.  He also took a look at the horror film The Green Room, about a punk band forced to fight for their survival after a murder in a skinhead bar.