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Oct 3, 2016

Nick Matteo hosts the show today while Paul Harris took a short break.

Nick is joined by Eloise Ross and reviews two films from the Lavazza Italian Film Festival:

Nick interviews Trish Lake Producer of new Australian / Canadian co production 'Early Winter' directed by Michael Rowe. The film (the third part of a trilogy) won an award for best independent film at Venice Film Festival 2016.

Brian Mc Farlane reviews the new release 'Bridget Jones' Baby'

Nick interviews Zenith Virago, the subject of a new documentary 'Zen and the Art of Dying'. Zen & the Art of Dying is a portrait of Zenith Virago, Australia’s premiere ‘death walker’ whose personal and professional experiences challenge our core assumptions about life and dying, her work includes demystifying death and encouraging open discussion.

Nick interviews Penny Kyprianou Director of the Delphi Bank 23rd annual Greek Film Festival.