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Jun 15, 2016

Today's guests:

Glendyn Ivin discussed his career to date - check out the 40th anniversary screening of Storm Boy today (June 11) at at ACMI.

Director Grant Scicluna and lead actor Reef Ireland spoke about their dark and disturbing film Downriver.

Today's review's

Tanya Farley:

Brian Macfarlane:


Film Buff's Forecast with Paul Harris, Sophie and Maddie taking it in turns on the panel and Lucy & Amanda on the phones.


Saturday noon-2pm on Triple R 102.7 FM in Melbourne

Film Buff's Forecast is a 2-hour weekly program devoted to the world of film.  The show has been a RRR staple since beginning in its current format back in 1981.  Regular reviewers include Eloise Ross, Mark Hartley, Nick Matteo, Simone Ubaldi, Gary Hillberg, Brian McFarlane, Michael Helms, Peter Kemp, Tanya Farley and Paul Byrne.

Paul has been the Director of the St Kilda Film Festival since 1999, is the author of two books - The Film Buff's DVD Companion (Text Publishing) and Not Quite Hollywood Handbook (Madman Publishing) - and has worked as an occasional actor - Dogs In Space (1987) , Nirvana St Murders (1990), Love And Other Catastrophes (1996).  He also works as a script editor, historian and lecturer.



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