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Feb 28, 2010

This week the Einstein A Go Go team of Dr Shane, Dr Adam and Dr Krystal are joined by guests Dr Gordon Troup from the Department of Physics at Monash University and Dr Andreas Fouras from the Bioengineering Department at Monash University.   Dr Troup talks to us about gamma irradiation of food products, how it can be detected and the effect on the free radical content of these foods. Dr Fouras describes his research using a synchrotron to take x-ray images of the movement of blood cells and lung movement in the bodies of living creatures. Finally, Dr Krystal talks about the implications of internet dating adopting the use of genetic matching and the science(?) of determining the compatibility of people based on genetic testing.

We also talk about genotyping of Egyptian mummies, relating the cries of infants to language development and the wonderful world of multi-flavoured neutrinos.

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