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Sep 14, 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal and Chris KP are joined LIVE in the 3RRR performance space with with very special guest Tim Flannery.

(For those unaware) Tim Flannery is a Scientist, Author of 30+ books, including the acclaimed best seller 'The Weather Makers' not to mention a resume that includes:

- Australian Humanist of the year (2005)

- Australian of the year (2007)

- Co-founder and original chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council (2007)

- Australia's Chief climate Commissioner(2007)

- Founder and current leader of Australian Climate Council (2013-)

Tim joins the team (and a live studio audience) to firstly discuss his new book.

Tim and the team then discuss many current issues including; Global warming, the impacts of an increase in CO2 and the latest on all things climate.

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