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Jul 10, 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 9th July 2017

Dr Linden, Dr Jen, Dr Chris KP, & Dr Shane

First guest: Neil Degrasse Tyson – “American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. Since 1996, he has been the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Centre for Earth and Space in New York City. The centre is part of the American Museum of Natural History, where Tyson founded the Department of Astrophysics in 1997 and has been a research associate in the department since 2003.”

Not only are we in the universe, but the universe is in us”

“We are not literally, but figuratively stardust”

Second guest: Professor Mark Dawson, University of Melbourne

“The “gene hunting” aspect of cancer research has for years been the stuff of headlines, thanks to discoveries like the mutations in several genes linked to a higher breast cancer risk.”

News items: Ornithologists have discovered the Palm Cockatoo deliberately and repeatedly performs rhythmic beats to attract females. The link between the sense of smell and metabolism in mice, how your poo is related to your brain.

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