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Mar 9, 2015

EAGG 8th March 2015


Hosts: Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Lauren, Chris KP.


News items: Welcome to International Womens Day, The effect of federal funding cuts, Researchers have found a new fossil in Ethiopia dated back to 2.8 million years ago, Use of tools changed the physiology of the human jaw bone and teeth, A new/old moth family discovered Aenigmatinea glatzella. On one island. On one tree, The DAWN space craft has been put into orbit around Dwarf Planet Ceres.


First guest:Maree Treadwell Kerr, Bat Night Coordinator Australasian Bat Society Inc


Australasian Bat Night is a series of local community events throughout Australasia held over the months of March and April (and into May) to raise awareness of bats both the large flying foxes and the small insectivorous microbats, both of which carry out essential eco-services. This week there are events in Parramatta and Melbourne (Flying fox count) on evening of Wednesday 4 March and on 7 March in Berri SA.  More events can be found at


Second guest: Heather Maginn, Melbourne Aquarium.


On Friday the 13th of March, SEA LIFE Trust Melbourne will be holding their inaugural Ocean Fundraising Gala at the incredible SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. This cocktail event will be supporting White Tag and their Great White Shark tagging and tracking program.


Third guest: Dr Karli Treyvaud, Senior Research Officer and Team Leader, Clinical Psychologist (MAPS) Victorian Infant Brain Studies (VIBeS) Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne Murdoch Childrens Research Institute


“My research has advanced understanding of child and parent outcomes after preterm birth beyond the perinatal period, and provided contemporary evidence for the critical importance of parenting to outcomes for high-risk children. My research indicated that warm, synchronous parenting was associated with better cognitive and social-emotional development in 2 year old very preterm children.”


Other items: Wednesday 11th March at 10:30


How is new genetics transforming the diagnoses of rare genetic diseases?


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