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Feb 11, 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Jen and Chris KP sprint back into the studio for the first action packed show of the year. They kick off with some fun science news on how to unboil an egg, the lake Vostok saga  and tech for crying on demand.

First guests: Zoran Ristovski (QUT)  and Robyn Schofield (UoM) call in via a SatPhone fom the research vessel investigator. They discuss the atmospheric research they are undertaking from this amazing vessel.

Second guest: James Whisstock, Director, ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging, Monash University, tells us about the all new amazing electron microscope being installed in his research facility. 

Third guest: Professor Dale Godfrey, University of Melbourne, discusses how his team have discovered a new mechanism by which immune cells in the skin function.


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