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May 9, 2017

In the studio this week with Dr Shane is colleagues Dr Catherine, Dr Lauren and Dr Ray.

The team kick things off with science news.

News this week include recent studies into the physiological adaptations of long distance runners, what makes them so good at running so fast,. and for so long? Next up the team discuss bio-engineering advancements surrounding prosthetics that can see and finally ask the question; When you see food, what makes you know its food and that you want to eat it?

First Guest: Damian Belobrajdic - Senior Research scientist at CSIRO.

Damian joins the team in the studio to discuss a new calcium rich milk-alternative derived from Seaweed and Lobster shell that is being developed.

Second Guest: John Hornbuckle - Associate professor at the centre for regional & Rural futures at Deakin University.

John shares insight into technology advancements in the area of Agriculture and farming variability utilising satellites to monitor growth performance and management.

Third Guest: Liz Spry - from the centre for Adolescent health at Murdoch children’s research institute.

Liz joins the team in the studio sharing details of her work on 200 stories, a long-standing study into adolescent health

Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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