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Feb 7, 2016

In the studio this week Dr. Shane returns from his summer break with Dr Krystal, Dr Lauren and Dr Ray.
This Week's News:
The Francis Crick institute has been given the green light to use CRISPR-Cas9. A team of biologists led by Dr. Rainer Hedrich of Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg have discovered that a Venus Fly trap can count. Researchers at Oxford University and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) have modelled that man-made climate change had made the floods, associated with Storm Desmond - 40% more likely, with the estimate of the increased likelihood ranging between 5% and 80%. Edgar Mitchell, the last Apollo 14 astronaut who walked on moon, has died aged 85.
First guest via Skype call: Dr James Watson,  Wildlife Conservation Society and University of Queensland, who talks about how the World is failing to protect is migratory birds.
Second guest (in the studio): Nicole Lake, PhD Student, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, who talks about mitochondrial disease.
Dr Shane's Book Review: The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments by George Johnson (2008).