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Nov 9, 2016

Dr Sahane and Dr Ailie in the studio this week. First guest is Dr Andrew Langendam from the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University.
Andrew studies the birth and evolution of planets. His research compares how planets formed with and without ice. Planets closer to the Sun were unable to incorporate much ice but  planets and moons that formed further out were able to incorporate water, CO2 and other ices, significantly changing their chemistry. This means that they could potentially be good candidates for the search for life.
Next guests are Sanja Van Huet and Rebecca Ballard from Deakin University. Sanja is  palaeontologist at Deakin University running a fossil dig for Megafauna in Lancefield. There are many different theories for the deposition of the >10,000 extinct animals in the swamp.   
This year we hope to have the start of an ongoing dig that is a collaboration between Deakin Unversityi, Latrobe, Monash and Melbourne Universities with Museum Victoria.