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May 9, 2018

Joining Dr Shane is Dr Ray, Dr Laura with two studio guests. In news, obesity is linked with fewer taste buds; Helium in the universe; and water purification. 
First guest is Rebecca Orrell-Trigg, PhD student within FLEET at RMIT University is using liquid metals to synthesise 2D (atomically thin) materials for use in future ultra-low energy electronic devices. The work allows her to apply her inorganic chemistry knowledge in a practical setting.
Second guest is Professor Ingrid Scheffer from Austin Health. Families of children with severe epilepsies may be able to avoid having a second child born with the devastating disease, a collaborative study of 123 families with a child with a severe epilepsy, found that in 8 per cent of the families either the mother or the father also carried the genetic abnormality at very low levels, even though they did not have the disease.