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Mar 6, 2016

In the studio this week are Dr Shane, Dr Lauren and Dr Ray with a very busy program.

Scott Kelly is back from the international space station (he was there 340 days), leading into some interesting twin studies. Studies showed that racoons (on an island in British Columbia - where there are no known predators left) who when played the sounds of wolves and cougars, stopped their voracious foraging. A study in Huazhong, China has concluded the human had is evidence of a Creator, which has generated much controversy especially for PLOS ONE.

First guest (in the studio): Sarah Dash from the Innovation in Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Treatment (IMPACT) Strategic Research Centre who talks about the connection of diet and mental health.

Second guests (in the studio): Dr Caroline Le and Dr Erica Sloan, from Monash University's Institute of Pharmceutical Sciences who talk about how chronic stress builds lymphatic 'highways' that provide cancer cells with a faster and more efficient way to spread.

The final guest (in the studio): Marilyn Anderson, La Trobe University who talks about plant anti-fungal molecules for treatment of fungal diseases in humans, and how to use plants to produce them.

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