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Jun 7, 2016

Dr Shane is joined in the studio with colleagues Dr Krystal and Chris KP.

The team begin discussing science news.

Dr Krystal opens with the latest updates on Cancer vaccines, more specifically the method of boosting our own immune system to fight the disease.

Chris KP then delves into the world of meerkats, and recent studies into weight being an advantage when selecting an appropriate leader for a meerkat colony. Is it better to be a fat meerkat?

Dr Shane shares with the team the news of an exciting and upcoming art exhibition being held at Maroondah access gallery titled 'Between two worlds', then finish on the topic of Panda bears, are they in fact bears? Can they hear higher frequency sounds than first thought?

First Guests:

Dr Sarah Meachem - President of the Australian society for medical research & also Testicular Physiologist, Department of Anatomy & Biology at Monash University. AND

Dr Ted Berger Professor of Biomedical engineering at Viterbi, School of engineering in university of Southern California.

The team and guests discuss the upcoming 'Medical research week' happening here in Australia and in particular Ted's prize of 'ASMR Medallist for 2016' for raising awareness of the benefits of medical research in our community. Ted's expertise area is that of neuroprosthetics.

Second Guest:

Dr Terrance Chong - Academic Unit for Psychiatry for old age at University of Melbourne.

Dr Chong and the team discuss multiple topics including Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Mindfullness and the effects of physical activity on wellbeing and even Dementia.

Third Guest:

Associate Professor Kate Hoy - Head of the cognitive therapeutics group at Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre at Monash University.

The team and Professor Hoy discuss (among other things) the treatment of cognitive impairment through the use of non-invasive brain stimulation.


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