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Feb 5, 2017

Dr Shane and Dr Ailie sprint back into the studio for the first action packed show of the year. They kick off with some strange science news on the vitamin B3 deficiency effect on hamster population, AI detection of skin cancer, NASA study of twin astronauts and the Doomsday Clock update.

First guests: Mitchell Nothling, Particulate Fluids Processing Centre, University of Melbourne discusses research  designing new enzyme mimics inspired by nature and employing the mechanism of natural enzymes for industrial application as synthetic catalysts.

Second guest: Clare Weeden, WEHI, discusses her research into lung damage and how stem cells repair our lungs as they constantly breathe in contaminants from air pollution to cigarette smoke and the possible causes of lung cancer.

Third guest: Professor Patrick Humbert, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, discusses cancer research into prevention therapeutics to help tumours to reorganise themselves, thereby stopping the cancer’s growth and spread.

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