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Mar 4, 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Ray and Dr Shane.

News: there is no time for news this week.

Today's first guest (via Skype) Dr. Teresa Ubide from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland who talks about crystals forming inside volcanos as they erupt.

Today's second guest (in the studio) Dr. Hayley Dickinson who talks about the difficulties women face in research and nutrition during pregnancy.

Today's third guest (in the studio) Dr. Kate Fox from the School of Engineering, RMIT University who talks about patient specific hip implants using 3D printing.

Today's fourth guest (in the studio) Dr. Anita Goh from Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne talks about dementia, Huntington's disease and Homeward bound.

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