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Sep 6, 2016

In the studio this week post radiothon are Dr Krystal and Dr Shane.

The world's largest marsupial is facing extinction, but evolution is fighting back
additionally there is news about a vaccination about the facial tumours. Proxima

The First guest (in the studio): Prof. Roberto Cappai - Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne, Winner of the prestigious Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation Medal. Who talks about Alzheimer's disease, biomarkers, toxic peptides, disease progression and potential outcomes.

The Second Guests (in the studio): Chris Shirbin and Liam Johnson, Florey Institute. Who talk about stroke and post-stroke dementia and the difference in outcomes with post-stroke treatment including exercise.

The Third Guest (in the studio): Assoc. Prof. Megan Munsie - Dept. of Anatomy, University of Melbourne. Talks about stem cells, stem cell therapies, medical tourism and therapy choices.

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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