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Jun 7, 2017

Joining Dr Shane on the show is Dr Lauren and Dr Ray.
On the phone is Professor Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor of Public Health at the University of Nottingham. Professor Wilkinson’s research has uncovered that economic inequality is the key driver for numerous health (and social) problems in developed countries such as Australia.

Second guest is Amy Winship from Monash University's Biomedicine Discovery Institute. Her research proposal directly addresses two of the greatest challenges in reproductive medicine: 1) impaired fertility in older women and 2) Egg damage and death in women during anti-cancer treatments.

Guest 3 is Dr Katherine Gibney, from the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. Dr Katherine found that from 1991-2011 some diseases (e.g. measles) became less common through immunisation. Other diseases (e.g., chlamydia infection, influenza, pertussis) became more common, partly through improved diagnostic tests and increased testing. These results are being used to prioritise diseases for public health intervention.
Final guest is Dr Calum Roberts, Monash Children’s Hospital. Every year in Australia, more than 7000 babies born prematurely require breathing support. Dr Roberts' research examined High Flow, an increasingly popular type of breathing support for use in premature babies.