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Aug 2, 2017

In the studio this week with Dr Shane is colleagues Dr Laura, Dr Lauren and Dr Ray.

The team kick things off with some science news, starting with a recent study into the major decline in western males sperm count, moving then into recent research into the brain of the dragonfly. The team then share some developing research into increasing nutrients in watersources caused by run off.

First Guest: Linda McIver - Head of learning and digital technology at the John Monash science school.

Dr McIver explains what it means to be 'Superstar of STEM' , training female scientists to be more media savvy and also growing the profile of computer science in schools.

Second Guest: Geoff Faulkner - University of QLD - Inaugural fellow of recent 25 million dollar program from CSL.

Geoff shares some insight explaining the world of Mobile DNA that CSL awarded with the recent grant.

Third Guest: Dr Courtney Ennis - Latrobe University

Dr Courtney joins the team in the studio to discuss his ongoing work on the chemical reactions in the solar system.

Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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