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Mar 29, 2017

Einstein A Go Go - 29th March 2017

Dr Shane is joined in the studio with colleagues Dr Lauren, Dr Ailie, Dr Ray.

News items:

The team discuss everything from; The Worlds largest artificial sun in Cologne, Germany - What exactly are they doing with it? World Meteorological day, 11 brand new types of clouds, King Snake and recent updates relating to the budget from the usually innovative Canada 

First Guest:

Dr Karla Hutt - Monash Biomedical discovery institute at Monash University.

Dr Carla explains her work on reproductive lifespans and possible methods of extending fertility; a subject that recently resulted in her winning the Outstanding Woman in science fellowship from Monash University.

Second Guest:

Dr Lauren Sosdian - Translating research co-ordinator Melbourne & Part of the Carlton Connect program.

Dr Lauren shares with the team her recent work on all things Knee Osteoarthritis and more specifically knee replacement surgeries.

The team can't go too long without delving into the ever amazing world of space, this week they discuss news regarding the 'Planet formally known as... Pluto!'

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