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Sep 29, 2014


Hosts: Dr Shane, Dr Sila, Dr Chromo, Dr Adam.


News items: Artificial sweeteners and your gut micro biota, botox use with cerebral palsy, The FOXP2 gene and conscious verses unconscious learning, The northern hemisphere jet stream and its interaction with climate change.


Bonus news item: Have you planted your tomato’s yet?


First Guests: Emma Bland (Physics PhD Student who is using the new radar for research) and Dr. Andrew McDonald (Space Physicist using the radar and was also involved in various construction aspects) An award-winning new Australian digital radar has been designed and built by La Trobe University electronic engineers and physicists leading a five-member consortium of universities and government organisations.


Bonus news items: The Mars mission undertaken by India, Giant worm slurping leech filmed for the first time, The Ignoble prizes.


Science is everywhere, including:


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