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Oct 30, 2012

Dr Shane, Dr Lauren, Dr Adam and Dr Fiona.

New items: Evolution of the Brain, Timeline of the Y chromosome, Earthquake prediction and its legal implications.

First 2 Guests: Dr Alyce Pébay, Head of the Neuroregeneration Unit, Centre for Eye Research Australia and Emily Woodhams, Communications Advisor, talk about the “Re-seeing the future, How technology may restore vision” public forum. Find out how gene therapy might be used to restore eyesight.

3rd Guest: Emily Dunstan, Head of Community Conservation at Zoos Victoria.

Find out about their breeding program's 10th generation of Stick Insects. 10,000 and still growing! Can you guess the top 20 endangered species in Australia? Find out how many Tasmanian Devils were born in captivity this year. Find Emily wandering around holding a stick insect or check out:

Extra news items:

Sleepless nights and how it might affect your memory.

How carbon dating works and the latest refinements.