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Sep 27, 2018

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG regular Dr Jen.

This week is a little different in that we have 3 very special guests: Holly, Cam and Sophie 3 of Dr Jen's current science communication students from the University of Melbourne.


The team kick things off providing updates on; the phenomenon of ice volcanos in outer space, stem cell research and specifically the use of fat cells to produce human bone and the possibility of building structures above and below the water to stem the issue of sea levels rising due to melting ice caps / shifting glaciers.

Over to our students for some science:

Holly then shares some insight into Video game addiction. What is it? how does it work and do you qualify as a video game addict?

Sophie travels back in time to discuss Homosapiens and specifically how did we become the only human species that has managed to remain on earth; was it love or war?

Cam brings us back to today with the subject of Cognitive bias. Is it possible that the next World war would be fought in cyberspace and is it already happening? How is social media being used to provide unconscious bias?

More News:

Time for some good news stories;

Recent developments in Africa that have seen the use of DNA technology to catch the 3 largest elephant poachers in the world. Using science to measure exposure to certain things and the possible medical benefits in the future.

And finally the age old question;

What happens when you give an Octopus MDMA?

---- Remember,.. Science is everywhere!


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