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Oct 25, 2017

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Ray.

This week the team are alone in the studio, but fear not, they have an extensive interview recorded earlier with a very special guest.

First Guest: Ben Goldacre - Physician / Academic & science writer.

Ben Goldacre is best known to us all as the author of 'Bad Science' as well as his work for the Guardian under the same name.

Ben and Dr. Shane kick things off talking about Epidemiology, what is it? and how did Ben become creator of 'Bad Science' and a leading de-bunker in the science world.

The conversation delves deeper as they cover (among other things) Science in the media, popular misconceptions on health science and also the issues facing clinical trials; sharing some unknown truths along the way.

This interview is a must listen.


Dr Shane and Dr Ray mix things up and finish with science news focusing on recent developments relating back to work made famous by Einstein himself.

 Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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